Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So it's officially less than a month until I report to the MTC. Up until this point, excitement has seemed to exponentially outweigh nervousness, but the reality of the ever-approaching September 29th has caused the side of nervousness to catch up. Still so much to do. The good news is that Chelise and possibly a couple other friends will be driving me from the airport to the MTC. I received my flight itenerary yesterday, and I have about 2 hours in between landing and needing to report, so I have time to see a few familiar faces before I get thrown into who-even-kn0ws-what.

But when I step back and think about how I've always wanted to serve a mission and why I want to be a missionary, I regain perspective and the excitement, once again, grows.

I quit my job last week. For the first time for a reason other than moving. I couldn't tolerate how I was being treated by management. I've gotten used to not being appreciated for going above and beyond my job description, but I started to be accused of not doing my job by one manager in particular. His attitude began to affect my ability to make money; he started cutting my shifts and putting me in bad sections. I tried to communicate my concerns to the other managers, but they didn't care to help. So I quit. And it was one of the best decisions I've made all summer. Being a logic TA and working with and for wonderful people kind of spoiled me, I think. I'm really missing that.

I was asked to teach the Stake's home study seminary class on Wednesday nights, just until I leave and they can get a permanent teacher. I'm only teaching 3 kids, and 2 of them have learning disabilities. I'm a little nervous about that because I really want to make the class interesting and fun for them. I realized at EFY how much I love teaching teenagers. I'm really glad I get to do this.

Speaking of EFY, I really miss/love these kids:

SA01: Agents Unto Ourselves

SA02: Through the Red Sea

SA03: Chosen

My birthday is on Monday. 21-years-old. A ton of family is coming from all over the place for the weekend. And I get Mellow Mushroom.