Monday, July 26, 2010


EFY = phenomenal. I feel like my stories from EFY aren't really interesting to anyone but me, so I'll spare you.

Working at Purple Cow = less than phenomenal, but it's money, so I can't complain too much.

Preparing for a mission = fun/exciting/making me realize how much I need to do. I want to memorize all of the scripture mastery from seminary and learn a bunch of hymns on the piano perfectly and study Preach My Gospel and the missionary library and finish my Book of Mormon blog and make sure I have the clothes to make me a classy missionary. So far, so good. I got letters from two sister missionaries in Brad's mission, and both of them told me how you dress is really important. So I've made sure that as I've been buying clothes, I've kept conservative and cute in mind. Clothing haul is as follows:
  • White blazer
  • Neutral rain coat, good for Washington weather
  • Plain brown dress
  • 4 short sleeve button ups: 2 white, one pink, one blue
  • 5 cardigans, 3 of which are Lands End and were originally $40 each but we got on sale for $10 each.
  • 2 pairs of shoes, one black and one brown
  • Fabric for skirts and another blazer
I'd like two get maybe 2 more blouses and a few solid shirts from Shade to wear under my cardigans. All of my skirts are pretty dark/neutral colors, and I'm making a point of getting a lot of brightly colored tops. I'm also in the market for some conservative jewelry.

My mom mentioned earlier this evening that she never would have thought I would have been so excited to wear a mid-calf-length skirt, a cardigan, and my hair in a bun. But hey, it's not the messenger I'm excited about, it's the message.