Sunday, March 9, 2014

A year in gif's, part deux

So about a year ago, I posted this. I thought I would give an update on an unsure but hopeful situation.

Things could not be better for me right now.

I did end up getting accepted to the City and Regional Planning program at OSU. And it's perfect for me.

I also have an internship with Local Matters, which is a Columbus-based non profit that deals with food systems. I work specifically with an initiative that connects people at risk of hunger with cooking and nutrition classes.

AND I work at Jeni's, a Columbus artisan ice cream shop that is dedicated to high quality, locally-sourced ingredients as well as social and environmental enterprise. 

I'm in a program fitted to my interests, I have a meaningful internship, and on the weekends I scoop up the best ice cream in the world. My life is awesome.

I just want to high five everyone.

Most days, I feel a lot of this.

A combination of working really hard and being lucky/blessed has given me tons of great opportunities, and I'm looking forward to the future.

In short: everything is awesome. I'm awesome. You're awesome.