Friday, March 13, 2009

So you know that feeling...

...when you're over your head with things you need to do, and you take a 2-day productivity marathon to try to get things done, and you do.

And so you end up with this free time and you don't know what to do with it.

I think this calls for some Ben and Jerry's and a movie.

Also, explaining logic to students is frustrating in two very different ways. 1) I don't understand how 205 students don't understand proofs. There are some premises, you alter those premises with some rules, and you get to a conclusion. Not difficult. 2) I never learned this 305 stuff when I took it. We never proved x=x; we were given an equality introduction rule that let us assume x=x. What's up with that.

But relearning things like Cantor's Theorem always excites me. Something greater than the infinite set of natural numbers? The universe is broken!!

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Holly Noelle said...

I miss the logic class I took, and, admittedly failed the first time around ( mean I actually have to *go* to class?). But I did think the proofs were fun.

Also...what is this "productivity marathon" you speak of? When I have too much to do hanging over my head I usually jump straight to the eating ice cream and watching movies.

Hey! Do you suppose that's why I failed that class? ;)