Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things I would/n't change about BYU

Things I would change:
  • Spring break. I would gladly spend an extra week in school if it meant having a week off to catch up on homework and spend some time camping.
  • More vegetarian options. I'm seriously so tired of L&T in the Cougareat.
  • The 2-mile radius rule for housing. Can anyone say monopoly? Seriously; I'm paying about $300 a month for mold in the shower and single pane windows that leak.
  • Better bookstore policy. I feel like students should have the right to shop around for cheaper books. Letting us get the ISB number for our books would be nice. Also, higher prices for buyback.
  • Weather. Well, there really isn't anything BYU can do about that.
  • Landscaping. I wish we could just let things grow as they wish rather than planting and replanting and replanting every year.
  • Office of sustainability. Which reminds me, you should go to the Sustainability Summit next week.
Things I wouldn't change:
  • $2000 tuition. Three words: seriously freakin' awesome.
  • Resources for students. High-end technology, free counseling for everything from how to pick a major to how to get into grad school to how to deal with a spouse with pornography problems, and almost everything free.
  • Community. I love that holding doors for the people behind you is a universal unspoken rule here.
  • Curriculum. I feel like BYU gets a bad wrap that they don't teach things that matter or pick and choose what to teach. But when I learned about how organic evolution could have easily fit into divine creation in Bio 100, I knew this was the place to be.
  • Divine Comedy. Three words: seriously freakin' funny.
  • Professors. I've yet to have a professor that I don't feel like appreciates my thoughts and opinions.


Elisa said...

Hello. I agree with everything you said. Especially about L&T. Yummy, but it gets old after...three times? Dunno.

Holly Noelle said...

I know a way around the bookstore issue. But it requires some dishonesty unless, like me, you actually have a learning disability.