Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Days in Pictures: Day Seven

Day Seven – A picture of your most treasured item

Maybe this is really cliche. This was a difficult one, and I had to think really hard about it. I thought of taking a picture of my bookshelf because of how much I love books, but realized that books don't count as one item. So I tried to think of the book that I've read the most and means the most to me. I came up with my Scriptures. I've had this set since my 16th birthday. The binding is falling apart, a lot of pages are bent, and some pages are still stuck together from the time I accidentally spilled milk on them one day in seminary. But even with all the wear and tear, I refuse to get a new set because of all of the notes and highlighted passages and love I've put into these.

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Nathan said...

I'm copying all my marginalia out of two disintegrating sets of scriptures into a nice, searchable, electronic text file, because I just can't deal with bringing an ever-increasing pile of disintegrating books wherever I go anymore.