Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finals, home, and next semester

Finals week just about killed me. I did really well on the finals I didn't think I'd do well on, and not-so-great on the ones I thought I'd ace. Oh well, c'est la vie.

I flew home on Thursday. I love being home. Especially since it was 65 degrees yesterday.

I'm taking some pretty sweet classes next semester. I decided that I want to apply to the communications department to major in print journalism (still doing a double major with philosophy). I wanted to do journalism coming into BYU, changed my mind, and recently realized that yes, that's still what I want to do. So I'm taking 3 pre-reqs for the comms department, 1 philosophy class, 1 religion class, and 2 women's studies classes. That along with 2 jobs (Pennyroyal and TA for phil 205/305), teaching Relief Society, and presiding over the vegetarian club. Speaking of which, I have some pretty rad ideas for getting more involvement in the club this semester. I feel like everything is falling into place for this journalism thing, and I feel really good about it, so I'm going for it.

(Although, my hours for the TA lab may/probably will change.)

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