Thursday, August 13, 2009

17 days

Ever since I started first grade, I've always gotten really excited as the summer comes to a close and school approaches. I think most kids did up until, I don't know, high school. But for some reason, I still get unreasonably excited for school to start. Perhaps it's because I'm ready to be immersed in learning again? Perhaps it's because I'm a little bored and need more to do? Perhaps it's because buying school supplies is more interesting to me than buying anything else? Perhaps it's because I've bought a ton of cute clothes this summer and am looking forward to wearing something other than a Purple Cow shirt everyday?

E) All of the above.

Also, I spent a good part of yesterday cleaning out my closet.



It might not seem like that huge of a difference, but I ended up with four bags of trash, two bags of recyclables, and two bags for Goodwill.

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