Sunday, April 3, 2011

30 Days in Pictures: Day Eleven

Day Eleven - A picture of something you hate

I did a google image search for "passive aggressive" and this came up. Passive aggression is my absolute least favorite rhetorical tool. It adds nothing to an argument other than hostility and condescension. Working as a medical receptionist, I get a lot of people who call and say things like, "well I guess I'm a patient of Dr. So-and-So, but he hasn't called me back so I must not be too important" or "well it just seems like he doesn't want me as his patient anymore." When people say things like that I want to reach through the phone and poke them in the eyes.

(You might have noticed that I skipped day 10. I did that in purpose. The day 10 prompt was stupid and I do what I want.)

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