Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Days in Pictures: Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen – A picture of your favorite band or artist

I first saw The Bouncing Souls live when I was 14. The summer after my freshman year of high school, I traveled back to where I used to live in Georgia to go to Warped Tour with my friends. I originally got to the stage to see Anti-Flag and ended up seeing The Bouncing Souls before them. I fell in love. They've been my favorite band for almost 7 years. And in case you're wondering, my favorite song is Night On Earth.

Passed some time walking around
looking for something to be
when I stopped to look around
all the music was different to me
All these places we used to go
when I loved you I didn't see
I'll miss you but now I'll know
better next time because I found me

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