Tuesday, April 15, 2008

General rantings

So I went to the grocery store Thursday night and bought a box of cereal big enough to last me the rest of the semester (we have about a week and a half left). I had a bowl of cereal Friday morning, Monday morning, and this morning. I came home from class today to find about 5 pieces cereal left left.

All 3 of my roommates responded with, "I only had a little bit!"

1) It's my cereal. I bought it. Even a little bit is too much for you to have. Especially without asking.

2) All 3 of you eating a little bit adds up to ALL OF IT BEING GONE

It's snowing today, so if I want to eat breakfast tomorrow, I get to walk 15 minutes to Albertson's to buy more. And cereal is expensive.

Dear roommates,

I really appreciate you feeling entitled to my food. It just gives me the warm fuzzies knowing that someone is using something I walked to the store and bought. I just love the fact that now, I get to buy more cereal. I'm walking to the store spending money when I shouldn't have to. Thanks for doing the polite thing and accusing me of overreacting when you were the ones who ate my food, rather than offering to buy me more.

Love you guys! I'm really gunna miss you this summer.

Burn and rot.

Love, Shelley

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