Friday, April 18, 2008

Thank you Douglass Adams

(This is more of a note to myself than anything else...)

Today: Work 8-12; study for bio final; take bio final; read and annotate 2 anthro articles; finish citations for 1st anthro paper; study for philo final (proofs, venn diagrams, truth tables); finish rel 261 study guide; pack stuff to mail home UPS; laundry; study for hepe final; go to post office; pack

Saturday: Take hepe final; read and annotate 1 anthro article; start 2nd anthro paper; go over stdev study guide; study for philo final (history and vocab); Go to UPS; pack

Sunday: Church 10:40-1:30; study for bom final; study for rel 261 final; work on anthro paper; pack

Monday: Take stdev final (11 AM in classroom); take rel 261 final; finish anthro paper; turn in both anthro papers; study for philo final; study for bom final; pack

Tuesday: Take philo final (7 PM in classroom); work 8-10:45; pack and clean

Wednesday: Take bom final (11 AM in classroom); pack and clean; anthro papers due at 5; check out

Thursday: GO HOME

General to do: Ask RA about when/how I should check out; buy smaller box to mail home; buy packing tape; make sure I'm being picked up Thursday morning; finish resume to apply for jobs; don't panic

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